Oestrogen dominance.

Check list of all the symptoms related to this very common condition.

Is it not amazing how fatigue can be a symptom of this? How many people do we not know that are complaining they are tired? And men, if you think you are excluded from this, think again. “Man boobs” – the medical term Gynecomastia is a great concern, and is a sign that xenoestrogens are affecting you. This excess estrogen wreaks havoc on your system. One of the most common complaints is a lack of sex drive.

What is the solution?
To become more conscious about what we expose our bodies to. It is said that the average person is exposed to at least 100 different chemicals before they even step out of the house in the morning. This includes chemicals in our cleaning products (shampoo, soap, creams etc) as well as the foods we consume. We are in fact living in a chemical soup.
Having a twice-yearly detox would be of great value. This may be a simple as avoiding any artificial and processed foods for a week. Herbal medicine works very well in detoxing the body. Having regular saunas and exercise also helps to eliminate chemicals from the body, and prevent the buildup of "sludge". However, keeping your body clear of toxins once you have eliminated the existing sludge in the colon, kidneys, liver, and lymphatic system is the ideal way to support our body. Drink 2 liters of purified water daily. Make sure you have daily bowel movements. Use natural body care products as much as possible.